About The Beetle

Skip the training wheels and teach your child to bike using balance with this hand crafted push bike. As technical as it is unique, this bike will not only provide a transitional stage between tricycles and pedal bikes, but also boost motor skill education with its sturdiness and maneuverability.

Excited to be Made in the USA, this bike is truly sourced, crafted and assembled in America, arguably the only children’s bike made in the US. This bike is put together with pieces you can be proud of: Colorado beetle kill logs, Skyway wheels with sealed bearings, A’me grips, etc.

Designed and built to showcase the environmental standards embraced by the biking industry, the Beetle is a model of sustainability. The bulk of the bike is cut from Colorado lodgepole pine that has been brought down by the pine beetle epidemic. The beetle kills the tree, but leaves the wood prime for recycling into sturdy and beautiful building material.

Teaching a child to bike is a great opportunity to raise awareness. As well as exercise, teach sustainability and choosing to recycle new life from waste materials like beetle kill pine. Your child will have one more reason to value his bike, proud that her bike was make from a conscious choice.

And he can continue to use that bike, and future bikes to reduce his footprint. Make this bike your own.

Children’s balance bikes built out of solid logs-exclusively made from reclaimed pine beetle wood (beetle kill lumber).